The real tragedy here isn’t leaked photos or an invasion of privacy, it’s the woman sitting somewhere right now having to accept that her life and how she’ll approach things in the future will never be the same.

I can’t even imagine how she is feeling right now. Celebrity or not, she’s a human being and must be absolutely mortified.

Thank god someone said it.

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Anonymous: Tbh taking nudes is stupid but i mean sh didn'y send them to anyone so she couldn't have known. Idk why people would leak these photos tho it's disgusting

They did it for money. Six figures worth of money. It’s already made the news. It is disgusting and I literally hate people so much, it hurts.

Anonymous: Jennifer is disgusting for those photos. I don't know why you idiots feel bad for her. Its her own fault! If she didn't want it to happen she shouldnt have done it but shes a whore. what do you expect? The jlaw fandom is so stupid. shut up and quite bitching about something that was clearly HER FAULT.

People like you are the reason why I drink so much